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Player Profiles 101

Hello Parents & Players,

Many years ago when I first pieced together a player profile for my daughter, I spent hours gathering information, stats, awards, etc.   I spent much more time trying building the perfect presentation in a Word document with fancy borders, colors and an action shot picture that I really liked.  It was all I could do to squeeze everything onto a single page and it was awesome!
Fast forward to right  My daughter played for 7 years at the highest level of travel softball and 4 years of college softball.  During her recruiting process and over the years since, I've been coaching 16u travel and varsity softball, I have developed relationships with many college coaches.  I talk frequently with many of them at all levels from D1 to JUCO concerning players in the Firestix, players from other area clubs and their college teams, etc. 
Beginning in the summer of 2017 the Firestix began using the Sports Recruits platform to simplify the recruiting process, as well as increase exposure and opportunities for players.  It has already benefitted several players.  That said, to maximize results the players (and parents) must work the system.  The more time and energy a player puts into the system, the more colleges will be interested in the player.  The player must seek out colleges that suits their academic needs and contact them via the system.  While they may be found in searches that college coaches perform, they can easily generate more interest by contacting the coaches in the system.
***Note*** The SportsRecruits program is included with your Firestix Player's Fee!  There is no additional charge for this service!

That said, here is all you need on your daughter's player profiles:

  • Name
  • Grad Year
  • Position(s)
  • ACT/SAT Scores
  • GPA
  • Head Shot Picture (so they can find her on the field)
  • School
  • Height and Weight
  • Coach's Contact Information
  • Skills Video (I cannot over emphaisize the importance of having a skills video!)
  • ***If she can fly, add her home to 1B
  • ***If she pitches over 60mph, add those times for each pitch
  • ***If her pop time is insanely fast, add that

The thought process for college coaches goes something like this:

  • I need a 2018 middle infielder
  • Show me a video, so I can decide if I am interested in this player
  • Okay, I am interested....what is her GPA?  Her SAT/ACT scores? 
  • Do her academics suit her for my college?
  • Can I get her academic money?
  • When/where can I see her play?
  • Is she available to come to our camp?
  • I will contact her coach to learn more about her attitude, work ethic, potential, athleticism, personality, family, drama, coach-ability, etc.
  • Okay I've seen her play, watched her parents and am still interested....what athletic money do I have to offer?
  • Or....I'm interested, but only as a preferred walk on....maybe if she works out I can get her some money in the future....

Do college coaches care about stats, awards, volunteering, etc.?

  • Yes and no.  Most will laugh at stats and awards, because they have no idea the level of competition a player has faced or if the scorekeeper understands the difference between a  single with an error versus an in the park home run.  They also understand the politics, biases and ignorance involved in post season awards. 
  • When they have decided they are interested in a player, they absolutely become curious to the type of person the player is.  Volunteering and other good deeds, national honor society, etc. support their decision to pursue a player.
I hope this insight is helpful to all of the parents out there who are somewhere along the way in your daughter's Softball Journeys.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  You can visit my Softball Journey blog that is filled with help for parents, players and coaches as well.
Mid-Michigan Firestix 16u Coach & Webmaster